We are happy to help you solve your transport tasks. Thanks to our years of experience in the transportation of goods of all kinds, we will also find the optimal transportation option for your requirements. With our special trailers, oversize is also no problem.


T-LINK Mega Trailer
Total length: 13, 6 m
Internal height: 3,0 m throughout
Load capacity: 24 t

Special Trailer expandable 
Total length: 13.60 m
High bed front: 3.65 m
Low bed middle: 7.00 m
High bed back: 2.97 m
Width at the back: up to 4.10 m
Height low bed: bis 3.93 m

T-LINK Special Trailer expandable
Total length: 13.6 m
Additional broadening, covered:
Width at the back: up to 4.15 m
Interior height: 2.67 m
with lifting platform

Special Trailer can be increased and expanded 
Total length: 13.60 m
Height: up to 3.30 m throughout
Width: up to 4,10 m

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