Large-scale plant transport CH-USA


Transport and packaging of a wide system with over 70 TEU from Switzerland to the USA.
Watch the video of the pre-transport to our T-LINK RHEIN-PACK plant in Birsfelden, the packaging and loading onto the barge.

Inclined constructions

Two already packaged vitric sliding doors were delivered. Due to the crates' unfavorable dimensions it wasn't possible to send it via air freight. Therefore, T-LINK built an inclined construction which made it also possible to maneuver with a forklift. 

Custom made packaging

For each export the right packaging
According to this principle T-LINK has been manufacturing packaging for goods of all kind including the application of the right corrosion protection system since 1990.

EMS ex Friedrichshafen to Sandu, China


In 2001, T-LINK organized the transport of a system from Friedrichshafen to Sandu, China via Rotterdam. Take a look at the pre-transport with a semi-trailer in this video excerpt.

Almost 100 tons of relief supplies for Venezuela


At the request of several UN organizations, non-governmental organizations and the ICRC, Switzerland chartered a cargo plane. The aid transport to Venezuela was organized by T-LINK.

Machine Transport to Moscow, Russia

T-LINK has Always been customer-oriented and therefore outcome-oriented. T-LINK was comissioned to pack and Transport a complete, over 16m machinery to Moscow, Russia.


Worldwide relief supplies

Switzerland's humanitarian aid plays an important role in natural disasters. It is about speed and overview, even in chaotic situations.

Endstation Meer

For many years T-LINK has been arranging the two containers from the traveling exhibition “ENDSTATION MEER” across Europe and overseas.

Unload of an exhibit at a machine exhibition

T-LINK has always been customer-oriented and therefore outcome-oriented. T-LINK was responsible for the complete logistical transport process of the system (including unloading / placement at the trade fair).

Machine transport to EMO Hannover

A 24 t machine had to be transported to EMO Hannover. Due to tight deadlines, the size of the exhibit and the difficult unloading situation, creative solutions were required from T-LINK.

Paris Airshow Le Bourget 2013

T-LINK transported the PC-24 mock-up from Pilatus to various international trade fairs by truck & ocean freight.

Singapore Airshow 2020


The Singapore Airshow takes place every two years and is one of the most important aerospace fairs. High-ranking state and military delegates from all over the world visited our Swiss exhibitors at the SWISS Pavilion again this year.

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2020


With 800 exhibiting companies, 33,500 visitors from 170 countries and $ 11 billion in announced projects, the issue of this B2B trade show has once again been the largest sustainability event in the Middle East.

Exhibitor Workshop Hannovermesse 2019


In cooperation with ICTSwitzerland, T-LINK organizes an exhibitor workshop to prepare especially start-ups for the fair. 

World Future Energy Summit 2012

As in previous years, T-LINK MANAGEMENT also organized the SWISS Pavilion at the WORLD FUTURE ENERGY SUMMIT in 2012. A highlight was the anchoring of the Swiss solar catamaran TÛRANOR PlanetSolar, the largest solar boat ever built.

Partner country Switzerland at CeBIT 2016

The SWISS Pavilion at CeBIT 2016 was an outstanding project. Thanks to many years of experience in the field, T-LINK has succeeded in placing more than 60 exhibitors with individual wishes on more than 1500 square meters.

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